Why don’t your reviews include information on NOx emissions?

A reader is concerned about the NOx emissions of diesel cars and asks why we don't include this information in our new car reviews...

Used Seat Ateca

I was interested to read your recent comparison of a used Seat Ateca with a used Nissan Qashqai. At the end of the test, you gave various facts and figures about each car, including CO2 emissions, but you didn't give the NOx emission figures. 

Surely when lots of people are concerned about NOx, you ought to give those figures as well? When I next buy a car, I'll be concerned about the CO2 emissions, but perhaps rather more concerned about the NOx emissions.

Nigel Glennie

What Car? says…

We appreciate your concern about these harmful emissions, but we don't include them because they are very low in the latest Euro 6-compliant diesel engines. In fact, Euro 6 diesels have 67% lower NOx emissions than Euro 5-compliant cars.

Both the Ateca 1.6 diesel and Qashqai 1.5 diesel in our twin test have NOx emissions of 52mg/km, which is well below the Euro 6 threshold of 80mg/km.

Used Nissan Qashqai

Unlike older diesels, Euro 6 cars – which are mostly those sold from September 2015 on – use two forms of technology to reduce the amount of particulates coming out of the exhaust system: selective catalytic reduction and exhaust gas recirculation. 

The first measure uses a fluid, commonly AdBlue, to break down NOx in exhaust gasses into harmless elements before they're expelled from the car. Both diesel-engined Ateca and Qashqai models have AdBlue systems. They have small tanks containing the fluid that will need to be topped up periodically via a small filler cap located next to the fuel filler. 

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