I want to reject my faulty Lexus IS

A reader asks for assistance in rejecting her Lexus IS because it's not possible to reverse it into a parking space straight using the guidelines on the camera screen...

Lexus IS askwhatcar

I bought a new Lexus IS 300h in August 2016. On taking delivery, I noticed that I couldn’t park the car straight using the reversing camera, even though I lined up the lines on the screen with those of the parking bay. Thinking it would be a minor problem that could be resolved by adjusting the camera, I didn’t report the issue until I took the car to Lexus Sidcup for its first service in November 2017.

After initial investigations and the replacement of the car’s media system, the dealer told me the camera wasn’t faulty and the lines on the image shown on the infotainment screen weren’t important. However, I disagreed; these were what I was using to line the car up when reversing into a parking space, and they were resulting in the car being at an angle every time I parked it.

Lexus IS askwhatcar

I felt that I had been fobbed off, so I sought the opinion of a local independent garage, a retired police driver and a car journalist. All three of them agreed that there was a problem with the camera system that made it impossible to park the car straight when using it. I sent their reports to Lexus but was not able to get it to change its stance. 

I feel I have been let down by Lexus. I purchased the vehicle in good faith and was, in effect, sold a faulty car. As a result, I no longer enjoy my use of it. Can What Car? help me to get the problem sorted out? 

Xuan Vuong

What Car? says…

We could see from the photos and independent reports that the lines on the car’s reversing camera weren’t correctly aligned and were making parking a misery, so we contacted Lexus and asked it to reopen Xuan’s case. 

A Lexus technician inspected the camera system and spent an hour and a half testing it. He concluded that it was causing the car to be parked at an angle and to one side of a parking bay. However, he was unable to make any adjustments to correct the problem. 

More than a month passed, with Lexus trying to find out how to adjust the camera, but it was becoming apparent that it wasn’t going to be able to fix Xuan’s car, so we asked if it would be prepared to help her to swap to a newer car with a better reversing camera. 

Lexus IS askwhatcar

In December 2018, Xuan was offered £2000 towards the cost of changing to a newer car – an offer she rejected. In early 2019, she was initially offered a discount on a newer secondhand IS, then a £7150 discount on a new car. Because this enabled Xuan to change into a new car without any extra upfront or monthly costs, she accepted this offer. She decided to wait until September 2019 to get the new car so she could take advantage of the added value of a 69 plate. 

Although it took a long time for the situation to be resolved, Xuan has taken delivery of her new car and is very happy with it.

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