Should Mercedes repair my out-of-warranty car?

C-Class owner asks if Mercedes should cover the cost of a fault that has returned after being fixed under warranty...

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I own a Mercedes C-Class C200 and it has just suffered its third NOx sensor failure. The first two times, the failure occurred while the car was within its warranty period; but now it has happened again, five months outside the warranty. My local Mercedes dealer told me that some other C-Class models have suffered problems with this part.

After I complained, I was told that Mercedes would cover three-quarters of the repair costs, leaving me to pay £132. However, I maintain that this is an ongoing problem that started well within the warranty and it has not yet been satisfactorily repaired, so I believe Mercedes should meet the whole cost. Is this correct? 

This C-Class is my seventh Mercedes and it will certainly be the last if nothing is done to correct this very poor customer service.

Sylvia Russell

What Car? says…

We agreed that the problem with the NOx sensor on Sylvia’s car should have been repaired when it first occurred and, because it’s a recurring fault, we believe Mercedes should cover the full cost of repairs.

So we wrote to Mercedes stating this and received a swift response stating that it would cover the full amount.

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