Shouldn’t my Renault warranty cover bodywork issue?

A reader has been told that his car's misaligned door can't be fixed under warranty because he's owned the car for too long. Is this correct?...

LT Renault Megane RS Trophy side

I bought a nearly new Renault Mégane RS GT Nav 1.6 TCe from Renault London in September 2018. The car had 3500 miles on the clock then; it’s now up to 14,500 miles. It came with four years’ warranty.

Unfortunately, the car has had two problems. The first was a knocking sound from underneath when I drove it over uneven road surfaces and speed humps. This was identified by my local Renault dealership, Jaybee Motors Banbury, as a damaged anti-roll bar link. Although I was initially told this part was out of stock, a replacement part has now been sourced and fitted. 

Renault Megane RS askwhatcar

The second issue is a poor-fitting driver's door which creates additional wind noise. It has been like this since I bought the car, and I was told by the selling dealer that this would be fixed under warranty. So, I recently took the car to an authorised repair agent, who said they believed the door had not been correctly adjusted by the Renault factory.

The following day, however, I was told that the Renault UK warranty only covers such adjustments if they are done within the first 6000 miles or six months of ownership. Therefore, this would not be covered under warranty. 

I cannot find any such terms in their warranty, although the correct fitment of doors is covered. If this is the case and I had been told when I bought the car, I would have booked it in for repairs sooner.  

Have you heard of a new car warranty having such a time limit on cover? Surely Renault should cover the cost of fixing this problem as it has been diagnosed by an approved technician as a fault that occurred during the production process. 

Mike Saar

What Car? says...

We’ve not heard of a time limit being applied to bodywork repairs on new cars, so took the issue up with Renault on Mike’s behalf.

Renault Megane RS askwhatcar

Although Renault UK declined to comment about the clause in the warranty cover, a representative got back to us the day after we contacted them to state that the cost of the repair work would be covered by the warranty. Mike went ahead with getting the door fixed, and the work – two hours labour at a total cost of around £220 – was completed for free.

Mike subsequently managed to gain confirmation that there is no time limit on getting bodywork repairs done, but that the warranty terms appear to have been misunderstood by the dealer support team. 

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