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Audi S4 review

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A bit like how Clark Kent uses his glasses to hide his true identity, Audi’s S models are ideal if you want superhero performance but don’t necessarily want everyone else to know about it. The Audi S4 is a great embodiment of that idea; it’s impressively quick while remaining almost invisible to the uninitiated onlooker.

The S4 is the middle step on Audi’s performance ladder, with the regular A4 below and the powerful RS 4 above. The latter is a close match to the Mercedes-AMG C63 and the BMW M3, whereas the S4 is traditionally a rival to the Mercedes-AMG C43 . And, like its rival, the S4 doesn’t pander to your taste for speed at the expense of your need for space; should you need added practicality, the S4 is available as either a saloon or estate (Avant in Audi-speak). Its Jaguar XE P300 and Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce rivals, on the other hand, are saloon only.

In 2019 the S4 was given a visual refresh to keep its looks in line with other Audi models. This also included a new interior and infotainment system, but perhaps most significantly of all, a change from petrol to diesel power.

Indeed, despite diesel not being everyone’s friend, for the first time in its history the S4 is diesel powered. And if you love a quick car but hate stopping for fuel every five minutes, the switch to a 3.0-litre bi-turbo V6 diesel might be music to your ears – official figures suggest it'll manage over 600 miles from a full tank.

So can the updated Audi S4 sway you away from the alternatives? Read on over to next few pages to find out.

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