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The BMW Alpina B3 Touring looks almost identical to the car it's based on, but that appearance is deceptive – in a good way. Tuning company Alpina has taken the already accomplished BMW 3 Series Touring M340i xDrive and added a spoonful of spice to it.

Or perhaps two heaped spoonfuls of spice. The B3 Touring even has enough punch to step on the toes of the estate car version of the very athletic BMW M3 and its rival, the Audi RS4 Avant. So, why would you choose the Alpina over one of those? Well, it's attractive for a few reasons.

There's a single trim level, and you can combine the factory-fitted options available with the regular 3 Series with a wealth of Alpina-specific extras.

Over the next few pages of this review, we’ll tell you how the BMW Alpina B3 Touring stacks up against some of the best estate cars available in terms of performance, interior quality, practicality and running costs.

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