10th Feastronics PDVD712

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10th Feastronics PDVD712

Feastronics PDVD712
RRP 119.99
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The seven-inch screen makes it hard for two people to watch this screen at once, although picture quality is adequate. The sound quality is also satisfactory, although there is some background noise from the player. There is an in-built battery pack.

Ease of operation

Using the DVD player is simple enough, and helped by the remote control that is provided. There is only one headphone socket, and no headphones are provided, so sharing the player isn't easy. Switching to the games and television functions isn't easy, though, because it requires lots of button pushing and the instructions aren't clear.


The asking price is reasonable when buying direct, but we couldn't better it by browsing internet retailers. As a result, we feel there are probably better players available for similar money.


The player is chunky, but compact enough to carry around. It doesn't ooze quality, but it certainly isn't without functionality or ruggedness. The buttons and controls suggest a reasonable build quality.

Special features

The player is MP3- and jpeg-compatible, and has SD card and USB slots. It is also a games console and comes with a controller and games, all of which are entertaining if extremely basic. The player also receives analogue television, although getting a signal is complex. TV content can be recorded onto a USB stick. The screen swivels through 360 degrees.