15th Britax Eclipse SI 109.99

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12 September 2008

15th Britax Eclipse SI 109.99

Britax Eclipse SI
Colour schemes Five
Recommended Retail Price 109.99


This is the cheapest group one seat from Britax, but there's still plenty of padding and the covers over the harness straps are soft and comfortable. The shape of the seat doesn't fit closely around the head, though, so if you child falls asleep their head will roll around a little more. You can easily adjust the seat in one of five recline positions.

Ease of operation
There's plenty of space to thread the seatbelt through when fitting, but some of the belt guides are still a bit of a pain and it's a little difficult to get good tension. It's also a bit of a job to adjust the harness for height, and there are only three different positions.

The Eclipse SI proves you don't have to spend a fortune to get a safe seat, and if you want to save even more you can find discounts online.

Overall the quality of the Eclipse Si is good, although it doesn't feel as upmarket as other models from Britax or other manufacturers.

Special features
The Eclipse Si sits on a fairly slender base so, if your car has deep, sculpted seats, you may find it fits where others don't. Lap belts can't be fitted to new cars nowadays, but if you car has one, this seat might be able to use it. However, always check carefully before doing so.