1st LG DP391B

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1st LG DP391B
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Jim Holder
17 Nov 2008 17:00

RRP 199.99
Best of the web 164.37 at lambda-tek.com


The eight-inch screen is adequate for two viewers. Picture quality is excellent, with even the finest details sharp. Sound quality is also good, although it's a bit miserly that there are no headphones included with the player. It operates very quietly and battery life is a reasonable 3.5 hours.

Ease of operation

There's nothing complicated about operating the DP391B, and the remote control ensures that everything is a doddle to operate. The battery pack is fixed to the player, making it quite heavy, but it does double as a stand.


Online discounts of around 17% aren't the most generous, but they can change quickly so it's always worth shopping around. Overall, we feel this DVD player represents great value for money even if you can only get this price reduction.


The DP391B has a well thought out design that is both practical and stylish. As a result it combines good looks with a rugged feel, and that is emphasised by the feel of the buttons. The free carrying case lets the side down, though, because it looks a bit cheap.

Special features

The DP391B has a USB port, DivX playback and a 256MB internal memory. It can double as a photo frame, although scrolling between pictures can be a bit slow. The player comes with a car adaptor and USB connector, but nothing else.