2. Car Plan Bug Blitz

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2. Car Plan Bug Blitz

Best price: 2.98 (B&Q)
Capacity: 750ml
Type: Spray

For: Cheap and effective
Against:Takes a few minutes to work

There are faster-acting products, but when value is added into the equation, the Bug Blitz spray is hard to beat. As long as the liquid is left to soak into baked-on residue for a few minutes, this bright pink spray is effective. It also polishes well with kitchen roll or a cloth.

The cheapest liquid product by a long way, the next cheapest was nearly twice the price, volume for volume.

Ease of Use:
Easy to use, however, it takes a while to act and may need another application on thick residues.

Special features/Limitations:
Safe to use on a wide range of surfaces and debris.