2015 Tesla Model X SUV revealed - specs, pictures and release date

The production version of the all-electric SUV has been revealed, with an electric range of 250 miles...

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Tom Webster
30 September 2015

2015 Tesla Model X SUV revealed - specs, pictures and release date

The all-electric Tesla Model X has been revealed, with the seven-seat SUV promising an all-electric range of 250 miles.

What is it?

The Model X is Tesla's first SUV model, and comes with seven seats as standard. It also features gullwing-style doors, which open upwards and outwards from the car's body, and are designed to allow owners to reach into the car while standing up.

Thanks to its all-electric powertrain, the Model X also comes with two storage spaces, with a smaller boot featuring at the front as well as a conventional boot at the rear.

What engines can I choose from?

The Model X will be powered by a combination of two electric motors, and will offer all-wheel drive.

There will be two different versions to choose from. Both will be powered by the same 90kWh battery, and offer the same 250 mile range. The base model, known as the P90, will accelerate from 0-60mph in 3.8sec, while the range-topping version is known as the Ludicrous P90D, and drops the acceleration time to just 3.2sec. 

The front motor offers 255bhp, while the rear comes with 496bhp, and they combine to offer 714lb/ft of torque. Top speed is limited to 155mph.

The Tesla's performance is aided by what it claims is the lowest drag coefficient of any SUV made, of 0.24 - lower than the 0.25 of the Audi etron quattro that was revealed at the recent Frankfurt motor show.

How much equipment does it come with?

Inside, the Model X features the same large central infotainment screen as appears on the Model S, complete with a 17in touchscreen. The system controls almost all infotainment functions, including satellite navigation, media, Bluetooth and the cabin climate control systems meaning the rest of the cabin is relatively button free. It combines with a 17-speaker sound system.

It also comes with an advanced air filter system to ensure the air that makes it into the cabin is "medical grade" irrespective of what the atmosphere is like outside.

The so-called Falcon Wing doors on the Model X can be operated touch free, and can open automatically when the driver approaches. They require only 30cm of space to open fully and allow an adult to stand upright underneath them.

The windscreen extends back over the cabin, while the options list will also include a panoramic sunroof.

Tesla says that the Model X comes with a selection of safety systems, including a forward facing camera, 360 degree sonay detectors and auto steer and auto parking systems. The company will be able to update the car's software remotely to add more features over time as they are developed, as on the Model S.

How much will it cost?

UK prices for the Tesla Model X are expected to start at around £65,000.

How good are its rivals?

Rivals for the Tesla Model X include luxury hybrid SUVs like the Range Rover Sport Hybrid and BMW X5 eDrive. Both offer luxurious cabins and relatively low running costs.