2024 Suzuki Swift concept car revealed ahead of Tokyo motor show

Suzuki has released new images and information about a small car concept for the Japan Mobility Show. Here's everything we know so far about the next-generation Suzuki Swift...

Blue Suzuki Swift concept car front left static

Suzuki has given a hint at how its new Swift small car will look by releasing these pictures of a Swift concept before its appearance at the Japan Mobility Show in Tokyo.

The next-generation Swift is currently in development and is expected to be fully revealed in early 2024. Ahead of a global launch, Suzuki has shared three images of the concept and given some clues about what buyers can expect.

While the model is described as a concept at this stage, spy shots of a heavily disguised small car being tested earlier this month suggest it gives a very clear indication of how the next Swift will look.

Suzuki has opted for evolution rather than revolution, reproducing the current Swift’s general outline, with a few obvious changes.

Blue Suzuki Swift concept rear left static

Differences include more defined top and bottom body sections, with a black roof and window pillars. Unlike on the current car – which has the rear door handles semi-hidden in the window section – the concept Swift’s are in the main door section, below a well-defined crease that runs the length of the car.

The bonnet appears to be higher and more rounded than on the current car, while the grille is smaller, with the ‘S’ Suzuki badge sitting above it, rather than inside it.

The Swift concept’s interior is more distinct from the existing model’s. For example, there is a larger, full-colour infotainment screen sitting on top of the dashboard, rather than embedded in it lower down.

Below that are vents, then further down there is an air-conditioning display, with – reassuringly for usability – physical switches and buttons. In other words, it appears that we won’t have to use the touchscreen to change the air-con temperature and power.

Suzuki Swift concept interior dashboard

Unusually, there also appears to be a CD player slot in the dashboard. The steering wheel has a similar number of switches and buttons to the current Swift’s, and there’s a large Engine Start/Stop button to right of it.

No details of engines have been released yet, but information from Suzuki promises that the “high-efficiency engine strikes a balance between driving performance and fuel efficiency”. The current Suzuki Swift has mild-hybrid engine tech, so there may be plans to introduce a more efficient version for the new model.

We don’t have information on pricing yet, but we would expect Suzuki to target the less-expensive end of the small-car market, taking on, for example, the Dacia Sandero, the Hyundai i10 and the Kia Picanto. The current model starts at around £17,000.

The 2023 Japan Mobility Show – formerly known as the Tokyo Motor Show – runs from Thursday, October 26th until Sunday, November 5th.

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