2nd: Bolle Montauk 10841 - 99

2nd: Bolle Montauk 10841 - 99
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Will Nightingale
13 Jun 2008 11:30

Bolle Montauk 10841
RRP 99
Best of the web 89.09 (Vision3k.com)
Lens size 62mm


The Montauks weren't as dark as the sixth-placed Anacondas and that meant they were better when there was less light. They wrapped around the face nicely, too, which meant light didn't creep round the sides. The rubber nibs on the earpieces kept the Bolles glued to the face, too.

Our shoppers only managed to get a tenner off at Vision3k.com. Still, the Montauks are only 15 more than the plastic-framed Anacondas, so they're good value for money. You also get delivery and a sturdy fabric case thrown in.

Metal frames gave the Montauks a classier feel than the cheaper Anacondas. They didn't feel quite as well made as the Serengeti Dantes, though, but were a fair bit cheaper. Optical-quality polycarbonate, rather than glass, lenses keeps the price down.

Special features
For an extra 135 (taking the price to 245 in total), Bolle will fit some prescription lenses. The Montauks filter out all UVA and UVB light, and a 'Carbo Glas' coating applied to both sides of the lenses protects again scratches.