2nd Serengeti Granada 7303

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What Car? Staff
15 October 2009

2nd Serengeti Granada 7303

Serengeti Granada 7303
RRP 182.00
Best of the web 156.00 (www.sunglasses-shop.co.uk)
Prescription version From 345



Fitted with the same great lenses as the cheaper Navigators, these Serengetis deal with all weather conditions extremely well. In bright sunshine they reduce glare, and in fog or rain the clever filters block out blue light to improve visibility. The Granadas are also lighter than the Navigators, which means they're more comfortable to wear on long journeys. However, the smaller lenses allow more light to creep in around the sides of the frame.


These were the most expensive driving glasses we tested, but we did find a hefty 26 discount at sunglasses-shop.co.uk. Still, we're not sure they're worth the extra 24 over the Navigators. The discounted price of 156 does include delivery and a leather-covered hard case, though.

Click image for larger viewQuality

Superb lens quality, with solid frames and hinges that look and feel like they'll last. The lenses are made from glass, so they should resist scratching well, too, but we wouldn't advise dropping them on a hard surface!

Special features

The 'Espresso' drivers' lenses adjust to changing light conditions. Spectral control improves contrast and enhances the most important driving colours (that is, reds and greens for brake and traffic lights). One hundred per cent of UVA and UVB rays are filtered out as is 95% of blue light. This reduces the haze caused by spray and fog, and helps protect your eyes against macular degeneration. Prescription versions are also available at a hefty premium.