3rd Mamas and Papas Pro-Tec 150

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3rd Mamas and Papas Pro-Tec 150
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What Car? Staff
12 Sep 2008 11:00

Mamas and Papas Pro-Tec
Colour schemes Four
Recommended Retail Price 150


This seat feels well padded and the covers for the harness straps are comfortable. The deep seat design includes a headrest to closely surround your child's head. There are four recline positions which you can select with handles on either side of the seat. It's an easy job, but a front-seat passenger might not be able to reach the handle easily.

Ease of operation
The seatbelt has to take a long and rather convoluted journey around the Pro-Tec, but there aren't any tight spots to feed the belt though. A good tension device also ensures a very secure fit. While there are only three height positions for the harness, it's very easy to make the adjustment, with no need to unthread the straps to do so.

This is quite a costly seat, but shop around and you'll be able to knock 30 to 40 off the asking price.

The Pro-Tec feels absolutely top-notch as far as fabrics and other materials go.