3rd SXUC Drivers 6426

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15 October 2009

3rd SXUC Drivers 6426

SXUC Drivers 6426
RRP 15.99
Best of the web 15.99 (www.sunglasses-shop.co.uk)
Prescription version Not available



The lenses are polarised, which helps reduce glare, but they didn't improve contrast to the same extent as the more expensive brands. The 6426 model we tested had a 'gunmetal' tint, although brown is also available (6425), which should be better for driving. As for the frames, they are light and fairly comfortable, although the arms aren't that flexible, so those with larger heads might find the grip too tight.


Yes, you really can buy a pair of polarised driving glasses for the price of a takeaway pizza. We didn't manage to find a discount, but who cares when you're only paying 16? That price includes postage, and you even get a mock-leather case with a belt attachment.

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The plastic arms are a bit low-rent, but the frames are metal, and the SXUCs feel surprisingly solid especially given the bargain-basement price tag.

Special features

Not a lot, but what do you expect for 16? The lenses are polarised and block out UV light to protect your eyes. Brown-tinted versions are also available, which should be better for driving. These glasses are not available on prescription.