499 for a brand-new Hyundai

* Great deal for scrappage buyers * 2000 off all new Hyundais * 250 for family & friends...

499 for a brand-new Hyundai

Hyundai is offering customers who bought one of the company's cars under the scrappage scheme an upgrade to a brand-new 10-plate model from just 499.

In a further bid to attract buyers, all new customers are being offered the same 2000 discount as those who bought under the scrappage scheme, even after the government scheme ends.

A new car for 499
The 'Happy Returns' scheme offers existing scrappage customers who bought a new i10, i20 or i30 last year a brand new Hyundai with the new '10' registration this March.

Buyers can swap their car any time up until its first anniversary, saving owners the cost of the first service and the cost of renewing their tax disc. The new car will have the full five-year warranty offered by Hyundai.

Customers will have to pay only 499 for a new i10, 599 for an i20 and 749 for an i30, and are able to trade up and down the range if they wish.

Taking into account the savings on servicing and tax, that could be a cost to change of around 250 which works out as just 20 per month in depreciation.

Added extras on new Hyundais
All i20s now come with an electronic stability programme as standard, which is worth 200 to customers whose old cars didn't have this fitted. The interior has been upgraded, too.

The i30 is now available with a cleaner diesel engine and a six-speed gearbox.

Trade and upgrade
This scheme offers owners of seven- to 10-year-old cars in Britain the same 2000 discount offered to scrappage customers under the Government scheme, which is drawing to a close. This will be available while stocks last.

Friends and family offer
All of the 33,000 customers who bought a Hyundai under the scrappage scheme will be sent a 'Friends and Family' voucher, worth 250, to spend on any new Hyundai.