4th Sovos SV085A

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4th Sovos SV085A
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Jim Holder
17 Nov 2008 17:00

Sovos SV085A
RRP 269.99
Best of the web 249.99 at amazon.co.uk


The 8.5-inch screen is big enough for two people to watch it at once, and picture quality is good, although it does lack clarity on some of the finer details, especially if the on-screen action is fast moving. The sound quality is good, and the player operates with only a little noise. Battery life is 2.5 hours.

Ease of operation

The controls are simple and easy to find, while their touchscreen operation could not be simpler. The latch that provides access to the DVD player is a bit clunky, though. The ancillary functions are well laid out too having a headphone socket on either side of the player is a piece of logic overlooked by other manufacturers. A remote control is also provided.


The fact that you can play DVDs and tune into television with this player greatly increases its price. Disappointingly, discounts are hard to find.


The SV085A is of only average build quality. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it, but neither does it stand out as a premium product. The touchscreen controls and practical layout of functions are impressive attributes, however.

Special features

As well as being a DVD player, the SV085A doubles as a television, which receives analogue and freeview digital TV. However, the quality of the TV image depends greatly on getting a good signal through the chunky aerial. A car headrest mount is included, as is an in-car power cable. A USB socket and MP3 player add versatility.