6th Feastronics PDVD1012

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6th Feastronics PDVD1012

Feastronics PDVD1012
RRP 164.99
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The 10.2-inch screen is an excellent size, easily allowing two viewers to share the player. The sound and picture quality are adequate, performing well without ever shining. The player is a little noisy as it operates, which can get irritating. There is a built-in battery pack.

Ease of operation

The player is intuitive to set up and use. Despite the multitude of functions other than playing DVDs, all of the controls are well labelled and easy to find, and the slim remote control helps. However, the concept of sharing the player between two people is compromised by there being only one headphone jack. The battery pack is built-in, but the player is still lightweight given the size of the screen.


The list price is very good, given this is more than just a DVD player. However, we failed to find any discounts on the price by shopping online. As a result you may prefer to shop around for a premium brand player, although we still rate this one very highly.


While there's nothing flashy about this player, it feels better made than the price would suggest. All of the controls operate well, and the TV and games console are easy to set up. Picture quality is reasonable for DVDs, while the television image is adequate with the supplied aerial as long as the car is stationary.

Special features

The player is MP3 and jpeg compatible, and has SD card and USB slots. It is also a games console and comes with a controller and 300 games, all of which are entertaining, but a little basic. The player also receives digital and analogue television, which can be recorded onto a USB. An FM transmitter allows you to play sound through your car's stereo. The screen swivels through 360 degrees.