6th Polaroid Expedition 2702A

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6th Polaroid Expedition 2702A

Polaroid Expedition 2702A
RRP 73.99
Best of the web 73.99 (www.polaroidsunglasses.co.uk)
Prescription version Not available



The Expeditions can't match the more expensive glasses at reducing glare, but they do improve contrast well. The aviator-style frames prevent much unfiltered light sneaking round the edges, but our testers did find the chunky arms uncomfortable on long trips.


We couldn't find any websites selling these glasses for less than the RRP, but even so, the Expeditions are 60 cheaper than the winning Serengetis. The price does include delivery and a zip-up fabric case.

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The Polaroids look and feel a bit cheap. The mock tortoiseshell arms won't appeal to everyone, but at least the hinges are sturdy. The frames are metal, and the lenses are made from a 'top-secret' plastic formula code named PTX4000 Polaroid won't tell us any more than that!

Special features

Scratch- and shatter-proof PTX4000 lenses will help keep the Expeditions in good condition. The lenses also feature two layers of UV light absorbers, and these brown-tinted versions (the 2702As) are designed to make red (brake and traffic lights, etc) stand out.