84% of motorists are unhappy

* Whatcar.com poll * 84% unhappy as fuel, insurance and VED rates soar * 16% insist that they are happy...

84% of motorists are unhappy

Last week we asked if you were a happy British motorist.

Our poll coincided with the Government releasing statistics suggesting Britain's roads were safer and less congested than in 2007.

However, we also pointed out that the cost of running a car has never been higher, with fuel prices, insurance and VED road tax charges all hitting record levels.

The results were:
84% are unhappy motorists
16% are happy motorists

Here's a selection of your comments:

I drive a 90-odd mile round trip to work each day and pay sky-high fuel costs despite living on the doorstep of the oil fields in Aberdeenshire. The tax on fuel is too high.
Alasdair Mackenzie

Im an unhappy because the government is cashing in, knowing we have to use our cars as public transport is so inadequate. Also, Im not happy with the new road tax charges: we should pay according to how far we drive, so that total CO2 production is taken into account.
Steve Hill

We are ripped off beyond belief with fuel taxes, road taxes, green taxes, speed cameras in places they are not needed, road humps, parking fines, wheel clampers, toll charges and the prospect of the worst nightmare of all - road pricing.
Frank Andy

The sooner the Government wakes up and accepts that people cannot be forced out of their cars through over-taxing and under-investing in the road network then the better place this country will be.
Stephen Drane

The pleasure of driving has been ruined by an ever-increasing number of 38-tonne aggregate lorries. How did the construction industry cope before they appeared?
Arthur James

Road tax is extortionate. The quality of roads is terrible. There are too many speed bumps causing damage to cars. There are too many uninsured drivers. The roads are just too busy.
Jonathan Fellows

There are too many pointless parking restrictions and double yellow lines that are only there to make drivers pay to park in council-run car parks. Police are booking motorists, but there are no police available to deal with more serious crimes. There are too many dangerous foreign HGVs on the roads. Junctions are snarled up with ineffective traffic light systems.
Ian Parsons

I'm a happy motorist because I drive at night! Most of the idiotic drivers with their oversized exhausts and exaggerated spoilers are still tucked up in bed at that time. Its me and mainly HGVs most of whom are very sensible drivers.
Roger Clarke