92-year old passes advanced driving test

* 75 years since his first test * To prove he was still a safe driver * Supports claims that OAP drivers are safe...

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08 November 2010

92-year old passes advanced driving test

A 92-year old man has passed his advanced driving test.

While many people are calling for the arbitrary retesting of pensioners, Inverness resident Archie Scott has proved them wrong by passing his advanced driving test.

The nonagenarian has been driving for 75 years and decided to take the test to prove to the DVLA that he was still a safe driver.

His first driving test was taken in 1935 and Archie confessed to feeling a little apprehensive before taking the next one. He said: 'My first driving test was very simple.

'It took half an hour and as long as I dealt with the gears in a decent sort of way and drove in a fairly straight line I passed.'

Older drivers safer than younger motorists
The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) said that Archie Scott's successful test, reinforced its own studies that revealed older drivers are safer than their younger counterparts.

Neil Greig, director of policy and research at the IAM, said: 'This age group make up 8% of drivers but are involved in only 4% of injury-causing crashes.

'In comparison, the 15% of drivers in their teens and twenties were involved in 34% of injury crashes.'

He also said: 'Archie's feat underlines our policy that re-tests after an arbitrary age should not be made mandatory, rather we recommend people opt for a voluntary reassessment to improve their own confidence and safety.'

The 1935 driving test
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