9th Mamas and Papas Pro-Sleep 130

16 April 2008
9th Mamas and Papas Pro-Sleep 130

Mamas and Papas Pro-Sleep
Colour schemes Four
Weight 6.2 kilos
RRP 130


The Pro-Sleep looks and feels cosy and has plenty of cushioning and comfortable straps. The carry-handle is fine, but the seat is very heavy. This is because it has a reclining function for when you're not in the car. You can take the seat out and recline it fully so your child can continue to sleep in comfort.

Ease of operation
It's a shame this is the heaviest model on test, because the whole point is to leave your child undisturbed in the seat as you take them out of the car. It weighs in at a whopping 6.2kg, so you might find the process too cumbersome to consider. Like the Primo Viaggio, there are colour-coded guides to help you route the seatbelt. It's a good job, because there's some unusual routing around the curves of the Pro-Sleep that make it hard to tension the belt. There are three different heights for the straps and buckles, but you'll need to fiddle around to change them.

This is the second-most expensive seat on test, but at least you won't be adding to the cost with a travel system or base, neither of which is compatible with this unusual design.

The weight of the seat certainly makes you feel like you're dealing with something sturdy, while the fabrics, straps, buckles and plastics are all good. As with many other seats, the sun-shade feels a little cheap.

Special features
The Pro-Sleep's special feature is its reclining trick - but because of the design, you can't use a base with it, and it won't slot into the buggy of any travel system.