9th Recaro Young Expert 125

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9th Recaro Young Expert 125

Recaro Young Expert
Colour schemes Eight
Recommended Retail Price 125-130


The Young Expert looks and feels like a cosy place to be, with soft materials, plenty of cushioning and a deep seat shape and a close-fitting headrest. There are only two recline positions for this seat, but there's a chunky handle for doing it - your passenger should be able to reach back on the move and make the adjustment.

Ease of operation
There's plenty of space behind the seat for pulling through the seatbelt, although it's difficult to get good tension. The harness is adjustable for height, but unlike other seats there aren't set positions. Instead, there's a knob to turn at the top of the seat for an infinite and wide range of height positions.

A fairly cost-effective seat to start with, you'll be able to save more by shopping around online.

The fabrics and padding feel very good on the Recaro. The plastics aren't as smooth and well-finished as on other seats, but they do feel robust.

Special features
The harness height adjustment is an interesting quirk of this seat. We haven't really found a problem with more standard height adjustments,, but the Young Expert does offer easy and precise changes to the harness.