A car show in an eco project? Eh?

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Jim Holder
22 May 2008

A car show in an eco project? Eh?

'When we opened the Eden Project, we expected 750,000 visitors a year, and 1.8 million turned up,' explains Gus Grand, who created the Sexy Green Car Show. 'We were clogging up the local roads, and resolved to create a green travel plan.

'We launched every initiative you can imagine, offering discounts to anyone who came by any form of transport apart from the car. Still, though, 86% of our visitors drove in. I was at my wits' end, thinking that our green travel plan was a total failure.

'We thought about it, and realised that although every green organization tells you to get out of your car, that wasn't realistic. We resolved to try to make people aware of the more efficient choices they could make when they bought and ran a car. The Sexy Green Car Show was born.

'This is our second year, and the industry is changing dramatically. We have gone from having six cars emitting less than 120g/km of carbon dioxide to 91 models today, and this show can help reflect that change and promote the idea of efficient motoring.

'We all want the most efficient boiler or heater in our home, and why should choosing a car be any different? There's plenty of choice out there now.'