A vision of the future

A vision of the future

Lutz paints a bleak view of the future - but it's hard to argue with his logic.

'You don't develop hydrogen fuel cells, hybrids or whatever technology without spending an awful lot of money,' says Lutz.

'This stuff is serious: minor tweaks just aren't going to be up to the job. But those costs are only going to drive up the price of cars.'

With Toyota revealing in Detroit that it is spending $1 million an hour investigating green propulsion systems, it's clear the consumer is going to have to pay for greener motoring. Estimates suggest that even the cheapest car could cost 1500 more initially.

Little wonder, then, that Lutz mischievously suggests setting up a garage to tend to cars that are the current best-sellers.

'People won't want to sell these cars, which are a way of life, so they'll just keep repairing them,' he says. 'Whoever owns a garage that can do that will earn good money.'