Ampera could spawn a family

* Next Ampera due in 2015 * Could be basis for different models * Current Ampera on sale in late 2011...

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John McIlroy
03 August 2011

Ampera could spawn a family

The next generation of Vauxhalls Ampera will be taken further away from its sister vehicle, the Chevrolet Volt - and it could be the basis for a number of new models.

The first-generation Ampera, which is due on sale before the end of the year, is a mildly revised version of the Volt, a car developed largely by GMs home technicians in the United States.

However, GM Europe Chairman Nick Reilly has revealed that the second Ampera - not due until 2015 at the earliest - will be allowed to move in a different direction.

'The Ampera will be much more different from the Volt,' he said. 'That could extend to more bodystyles, even different cars.'

That expansion could feasibly include an MPV, giving Vauxhall a car to compete with the Prius+.

Reilly also said he is a 'fan of electrification' and that the Amperas high-tech, range-extender powertrain would be 'an option' for a regular model like the Astra. 'My personal preference is for adapting the technology into vehicles like that instead of having a stand-alone sub-brand,' he said.