Are you owed money by DC Cook Direct?

* Have you lost cash in DC Cook Direct crash? * What Car? wants to hear from you * and could help you recover your money...

Are you owed money by DC Cook Direct?

What Car? wants to hear from anyone who has lost money following the collapse of car dealers DC Cook Direct and Indigo Cars.

Both companies were run by Changing Gear Limited, which was placed into liquidation in December.

At the time, administrators Tenon Recovery said a large number of customers had paid deposits, but What Car? fears many buyers may have paid the full balance for their car.

One case that our Helpdesk is investigating, involves a customer who handed over 16,000 in September after he was told his car would then arrive within two weeks. Three months later the customer still has no car and fears he could lose the money.

Contact the [What Car? Helpdesk here]( Cook appeal) if youve lost your deposit, or more, and well see if theres anything we can do to help.

If youre considering buying a car from an online supplier, we'd advise you to always pay the deposit with a credit card this means you can recover the cash through the card supplier if the broker goes bust.

Never pay the full balance until you have the keys in your hand and youre happy with the car.