Audi product avalanche continues

* Q3 and new A6 revealed here * More than 40 models by 2015 * S7, R4 and electric Audis coming, too...

Audi product avalanche continues

Audi has just launched the A7 Sportback and there's plenty more to come.

Audi's technical director, Michael Dick, confirmed there will be a hot S7 version of the car, but we can also reveal the forthcoming Q3 crossover and next-generation A6 pictured in these computer-generated images.

The Q3 arrives in 2011 and will be available in front- and four-wheel drive, while the A6 will borrow much from the A7 and go on sale next spring.

As well as being built on the same platform as the A7, the A6 will also follow the look of the A5 Sportback with its interior and exterior styling.

There will also be the electric sports car, battery-powered supermini and the R4 baby brother to the R8 that we've previously revealed.

42 models by 2015
The relentless release schedule means Audi will have 42 models in its line-up by 2015, a world away from 1978 when it offered just two the 80 and 100.

Computer-generated image of the Audi Q3Audi boss Rupert Stadler said the increase in the number of models on offer would help to bolster strong sales which, so far this year, have hit record levels of 550,000 vehicles.

Increased demand from China will play a large part in future sales, but Audi boss Stadler is also confident the global economy is now past its lowest point.

'We have new products, refreshed cars and we have more to come. The world economy has momentum and we have the right products. Yes, there are countries with debts that are still not resolved, but any fall will not be as severe as we have come through already. I am optimistic.'

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