Audi Q1 crossover on the way?

* A1-based crossover likely * Part of aggressive model expansion * 13 new models planned for 2011...

Audi Q1 crossover on the way?

An Audi A1 based crossover called the Q1 could well be on the way from Audi in 2012.

As our artist's impression of a Q1 shows, it would be an upmarket rival to cars such as the Nissan Juke, and a direct competitor to the proposed Mini Paceman, and would probably cost from around 18,000.

There is a wide range of engine options open to Audi including the excellent 1.4 TSI direct-injection petrol, which produces from 120bhp to 182bhp, and 1.6-litre diesels.

Four-wheel-drive versions would certainly be an option using the same system that the Audi has developed for the sporty range-topping 182bhp S Line.

Audi has boasted that production will hit record highs this year and no fewer than 13 new models will be introduced, including the all-new A6 and convertible and five-door versions of the Audi A1. This year is probably a little early for the Q1, but we expect the car to surface in 2012.

In 1978, the company had just two cars in its family the 80 and 100 but by 2000 it had 17. Today the tally has almost doubled to 32. Audi has said it wants to grow its range to 42 models by to 2015.