Audi Q1 - latest details

* Baby Audi SUV to be launched in 2016 * Same size as Nissan Juke * Aimed at younger customers...

Audi Q1 - latest details

The Audi Q1 baby SUV will be launched in early 2016 with the goal of attracting new customers to the brand, according to company boss Rupert Stadler.

'We want to bring in new people to the brand, and young people to the brand, as that gives us a chance to introduce them to Audi and keep them with Audi in their lives,' said Stadler. 'Around 80% of customers for the A1 have been new to Audi - that represents a considerable opportunity for us.'

Stadler also vowed the Nissan Juke-sized Q1 would be far more than a A1 with a raised ride height and rugged looks.

'It will stand out as an SUV,' he said. 'It will give the impression of being bigger than the A1, but will be right-sized compared with the Q3.'

Stadler also revealed that Audi would pursue a policy of providing greater styling differentiation between its 'A' and 'Q' badged cars. 'There's scope to take them in different directions,' he said. 

Around 28% of all Audis sold are SUVs; Audi hopes Q1 sales will push that figure beyond a third of all sales.