Audi Q1 under consideration

* Audi Q1 SUV being considered * Could sit on A1 platform * A1 cabriolet less likely...

Audi Q1 under consideration

Audi has hinted that a Q1 a mini SUV based on the Audi A1 is on the way, but not any time soon.

Audi has just expanded the A1 range with the new five-door A1 Sportback and the company is looking at ways to develop the platform further.

Ford and Vauxhall have recently revealed details of their baby SUVs the Ford Ecosport and the Vauxhall Mokka while Audi says it could also build a more premium mini SUV.

'We are not looking at what other manufacturers are doing, but we are looking at different body types' said an Audi insider.'

'You've seen how our SUVs have been getting smaller Q7, Q5, Q3 and the A1 platform could go in that direction, but nothing is planned for the near future.'

A cabriolet version of the A1 is unlikely, though. 'That would be too close to our A3 cabriolet,' said the source.