Audi Q8 SUV to arrive in 2018

Audi's latest plug-in hybrid SUV concept can travel for up to 37 miles on electric power, and offers seating for four in a plush, high-tech interior...

09 January 2017
Audi Q8 SUV to arrive in 2018

Despite officially being a concept car, this Audi Q8 is in fact a thinly disguised version of the company's new coupé-SUV, which will take on the Mercedes GLE Coupé and BMW X6 next year.

The Q8 is destined to sit alongside Audi's other SUV models, and offer buyers a more style-oriented choice as opposed to the practical and luxurious Q7, which is currently one of our favourite large SUVs.

What is the Audi Q8?

Audi Q8 SUV to arrive in 2018

As this is a conceptual version of the Q8, we must take its futuristic looks with a pinch of salt. That said, elements like its aggressive front grille, thin LED lights at the front and rear, rear spoiler and extended wheel arches are likely to feature on the production car. The more unusual features, such as the touch-sensitive door handles, will be dropped.

Inside, the Q8 concept offers seating for four - which is likely to be extended to five for the production model - and with 630 litres of space in its boot, the Q8 has less space inside than the Mercedes GLE Coupé, but more than BMW's X6. Either way, expect the car to be able to carry the family and their luggage for most trips. As we've come to expect from Audi cars, the Q8 gets a Virtual Cockpit display, which replaces conventional analogue dials with a configurable display in front of the driver.

Elsewhere, the Q8 features additional touchscreen displays, cutting down on buttons, switches and levers.

What engines can I choose from?

This Q8 concept is a plug-in hybrid (PHEV), which means it has a conventional engine which is assisted by an electric motor. The engine in this case is a 3.0-litre petrol unit, and when combined with the electric motor the system produces 443bhp and 516lb ft of torque - enough pulling power to get the Q8 to 62mph from a standing start in 5.4 seconds, and on to a top speed of 155mph. In terms of fuel consumption, Audi points to official fuel consumption of 282mpg and CO2 emissions of just 53g/km.

Thanks to its partly electric powertrain, the Q8 can travel for up to 37 miles on electric power alone. As standard, the car comes with Audi's quattro four-wheel drive system.

When the car goes on sale, it's likely to be offered with a conventional range of petrol and diesel engines, likely shared with the Q7. Of the engines currently offered with the Q7, our favourite choice is the 3.0-litre diesel.

Drivers can choose between three driving modes in the Q8, which offer either purely electric or purely petrol power, or a combination.

What about the Q8's rivals?

Audi Q8 SUV to arrive in 2018

Although the world of coupé-SUVs is still very small, it is growing. As well as cars from Audi, Mercedes and BMW, we know that Land Rover is preparing to launch a coupé version of the Range Rover Sport later this year, and Jaguar has already show its intent to enter this market with the all-electric I-Pace.

See more of the Audi Q7 in our video review, below.

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