Audi S1 on sale within two years

* Hot A1 possible within 18 months * Could use 2.0-litre engine from A1 Quattro... * ...but less power than 252bhp Quattro...

Audi S1 on sale within two years

An Audi S1 a hot version of the company's A1 supermini will go on sale within two years.

The car would use elements from the limited-edition A1 Quattro.

Of course we can imagine the technology [in the Quattro] on large scale production, so there might be a right hand drive S coming, said an Audi spokesman.

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The most likely engine would be the 2.0-litre unit from the A1 Quattro, albeit in a slightly detuned format.

The 2.0-litre is a perfect engine with lots of power and torque and a wide range of possible versions so why not that one?

While the spokesman said it was too early to talk about power levels in a potential S1, it would certainly be less than the 252bhp of the Quattro, although more than the 182 of the 1.4 TFSI.

Any S1 would still be more than 18 months away, with a mid- to late-2013 arrival possible.

An RS1 has yet to be ruled out as well, with the spokesman saying: at the moment the Quattro is the top of the range, but there are no decisions that have been made yet.

Tom Webster