Audis of the future revealed?

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19 February 2010

Audis of the future revealed?

These computer-generated images of Audis show the how company's range is likely to look over the next few years.

The Audi A1
The images show what five-door and convertible versions of the A1 supermini could look like, as well as a sporty S1 model.

The five-door version is likely to go on sale early next year with a starting pricetag of around 14,000. The convertible A1 could surface about a year later and cost from 16,000.

The Audi S1
The sporty S1 will almost certainly use the same 177bhp 1.4-litre petrol engine thats just gone into the new VW Polo GTI. Performance is therefore likely to be similar to the Polo, which does 0-62mph in 6.9 seconds and has a top speed of 142mph. Expect to pay around 20,000 when the car arrives in 2012.

Dramatic expansion
While Audi has not officially confirmed any of these cars, it is committed to further dramatic expansion of its range.

In 1978, the company had just two cars in its family the 80 and 100 but by 2000 it had 17. Today the tally has almost doubled to 32. Audi has said it wants to grow its range to 42 different models over the next five years.

A spokesman said: 'Thats the way we increase market share by selling more different vehicles. We feel thats a more sustainable way of doing it.'

Although the company has no target for increased market share for the future, it has more than doubled its take of the market over the previous nine years, from 1.94% in 2000 to 4.57% in 2009.

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