Beat Audi's price rises

* Prices increase between 0.9% and 3.0% * Order up to May 24 to avoid rises * Use to save on list prices...

Beat Audi's price rises
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What Car? Staff
6 May 2010 11:31

Audi is increasing prices for the majority of its cars from May 25.

Orders placed up to, and including May 24 will be charged at the old list prices, which are up to 3.0%, or 2000, lower on an R8 Coupe. TT prices increase the least on May 25 they're up by 0.9% while there is no rise on the A1, R8 Spyder, RS5 Coupe or A8.

In some cases, the price rise comes hand-in-hand with specification improvements such as an engine stop-start system on the Q5, new eight-speed transmissions on the Q7, or a more-efficient FSI petrol engine for the TT.

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While discounts on some Audis, such as the TT or R8, are either tiny or non-existent, there are savings to be gained on most of the rest of the range.

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Discounts on Audis include 7% on the stylish A5, 7.5% on the A4 and 8.25% on the Q7.

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