Best tyre brands and how to save money

There are hundreds of different tyre brands and choosing the best can be a minefield. We explain the differences and reveal how to get the best deal...

Tyres advice

Tyre prices are dependent on how many are made; if your car has a common size of tyre, you’ll get the best discounts. If it’s a rare size, it’s likely to be more expensive. Availability is an important factor, too; you’re more likely to get a discount on tyre brands and sizes that are widely available. 

If you book and pay for tyres in advance online from some high street retailers, such as F1 Autocentres, you’ll pay less than you would if you just turn up at an outlet and buy the tyres. This is because when customers buy online, that gives the retailer a couple of days to shop around and source the tyres at the best price. 

Our research shows shopping around online can save you £7 per tyre, including fitting. However, buying them without fitting can work out more expensive; for example, Just Tyres charges £11 more for each tyre alone, including delivery, and you can expect to pay about £10 per tyre for fitting. 

If your tyre has a decent amount of tread left and has a faulty valve or a puncture, it’s worth asking a retailer to repair it rather than replace it. Legally, the hole needs to be less than 6mm in diameter and in the centre of the tread to be repairable. Otherwise, the tyre must be replaced. 

Tyre price comparison

We compared the prices available online for a new tyre for a Seat Leon 1.4 EcoTSI FR. We chose Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance tyres in a 225/45 R17 91W size. The tyre ratings are: wet braking A, fuel efficiency C, noise 69dB. 

Asda Tyres

Tyre fitted: £79

Tyre not fitted: n/a


Tyre fitted: £81

Tyre not fitted: £78

F1 Autocentres

Tyre fitted: £76

Tyre not fitted: n/a

Halfords Autocentres

Tyre fitted: £82

Tyre not fitted: n/a

Just Tyres

Tyre fitted: £81

Tyre not fitted: £92

Kwik Fit

Tyre fitted: £83

Tyre not fitted: n/a

My Tyres

Tyre fitted: £80

Tyre not fitted: £69

National Tyres

Tyre fitted: £79

Tyre not fitted: n/a

Pro Tyre

Tyre fitted: £81

Tyre not fitted: n/a

Tyre Shopper

Tyre fitted: £79

Tyre not fitted: £79

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