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Best used coupes for less than £20,000

Great coupés come in all shapes and sizes, but if you've got £20,000 burning a hole in your pocket which of these used ones should you have at the top of your list? Here's our top 10.....

Used coupes
Used coupes

Keen drivers will always want a stylish coupé on their driveway, but buying a new one can set you back a fair old chunk of money. That's where buying used comes in, with many of the best of the breed available for less than £20,000, the cost of a new and far more humble family hatchback. 

Many of the cars on this list are only two or three years old and should give you miles of enjoyable, trouble-free motoring. Some even come with four or five doors, in the modern fastback coupé style. So read on to find out which one you should be laying down your folding on, as we count down our top 10.