Best used coupes for less than £20,000

Those interested in coupés that don't cost a fortune to buy or run, look no further. All these used options are available for less than £20,000, plus they're simply great buys, full stop...

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A sleek and stylish coupé will always be a desirable commodity. It's the kind of car you see on film posters and in pretentious fragrance ads. The best coupés exude class, elegance and athleticism – and, as a result, car makers tend to charge you a packet.

The used car market is a slightly different story. With age often comes lower prices, and this category is no exception, with many amazing options available for less than £20,000. In other words, you can pick up a sleek and swoopy secondhand model for the price of a sensible new family hatchback.

Here are our top 10 favourites. All are suitably suave, great to drive and many even feature four or five doors (in the modern fastback coupé style). Read on and enjoy.

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