'Big companies would buy the shares'

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'Big companies would buy the shares'

'We already own the roads. Remember when road tax was called the 'road fund licence? We have paid for these roads a thousand times over.

'They're trying to sell us what we already own, and I'll bet they will still want road tax and fuel duty with VAT added to the excise duty a tax on a tax (the original tax being the larger part of the price of fuel already).

'It's yet another government scam! That is what we have come to expect from our corrupt politicians.'
John Bisbrooke

'Do people actually get paid for producing such bizarre nonsense such as this?

'Drivers already 'own' this country's roads, having paid for them many times over. All but 8 billion of the 52 billion paid annually by drivers goes into the pot for health, education, policing, social services and so on for the benefit of the whole population.

'This foundation should put its efforts into ideas to reduce costs in all these services, so that more of the taxes paid by drivers can go towards the cost of desperately needed new and improved roads, without which our whole economy will continue to suffer.'
Bernard Brewer

'What nonsense! We already own the roads, paid for many times over by road tax. The government (mis)manage the road network on our behalf, they don't own it. This is an attempt to sell us what we already own.

'The shares would then be bought up by big companies (how many of the shares from Thatcher's privatisations are still in the hands of small investors and how many have gone to big banks and multi-millionaires?) who would then be able to charge us whatever they like, knowing we had no alternative. Forget 10p a mile - how about 2.50?

'Hopefully, this will never happen, and if it does then hopefully public anger will be such that they'll elect a government which will take the roads back into public ownership without compensation.'
Chris Lamb