Breathalysers needed in France from July

* Breathalysers required from July * Rules apply to all drivers * Instant fine of 11 can be issued...

Breathalysers needed in France from July

Anyone driving in France must carry a breathalyser kit from July 1, or face an on-the-spot fine of 11 (around 9.15).

Single-use breathalyser kits cost between 1 and 2, and will be on sale at all ferry and rail terminals. Multiple-use devices are available, and our review of such breathalysers can be found here.

The legal limit for drink-driving in France is 50mg per 100ml of blood, while in the UK it is 80mg per 100ml.

The new French rule is a genuine attempt to reduce the number of alcohol-related accidents, said IAM director of policy and research Neil Greig. The country's lower limit means its very easy to be over the limit the morning after as well.

Existing laws require all motorists driving in France to carry a warning triangle and a high-visibility vest, while UK drivers must display a GB badge and have headlights adjusted for driving on the right.

Tom Webster