Bus company offers 'scrappage' scheme

* Exchange vehicle for up to 12 months' travel * Worth up to 720 * Available only on Isle of Wight...

19 October 2009
Bus company offers 'scrappage' scheme

Scrap your car or motorbike, and one bus company is offering 12 months' free travel on its services.

Southern Vectis buses, which is based on the Isle of Wight, is making the offer of free travel to drivers who scrap a car, motorbike or scooter.

The vehicle being traded in must have a valid MoT certificate and must have been registered to the same person for at least the past six months. The vehicle to be scrapped needs to be in roadworthy condition, as the owner will have to deliver it to the company's collection centre. Owners must be old enough to legally use the vehicle on the road, too.

Scrappage pass worth up to 720
In exchange, drivers will be offered either a six-month or 12-month pass valid on all of the company's island bus routes, worth up to 720.

Southern Vectis promises that it will ensure that vehicles traded in aren't returned to the road, although it will dispose of vehicles as it sees fit, meaning it could offset some costs by reselling parts or components.

Southern Vectis hopes that the scheme will create long-term income for the company, because it thinks people who trade in vehicles are unlikely to return to driving in the future.

Anyone interested in taking up the scheme can find more details at www.scrapmymotor.com