Cambelt change

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Cambelt change
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What Car? Staff
27 Jan 2009 16:46

Cambelt change
Q: When should I change the cambelt on my Ford Mondeo? It's a 2001 1.8i 16v Zetec 5dr and has 114,000 miles on the clock.
Owen Stephens

A: The good news is that your Mondeo's engine has a timing chain, and not a cambelt, so it doesn't need to be changed. However, the chain should be inspected as part of the car's scheduled maintenance and adjustment may be required. So, if your car is due a service, get it carried out and checked as soon as possible.

The service schedule for any car should be detailed in the service book. Engines with cambelts will need them changed as per the manufacturer's recommendations, but timing chains can also fail if there is a problem in areas such as oil flow and chain tensioners. Chain failure will wreck the engine and is just one reason why getting you car serviced on time is so important.