Can eco-safe driving save me cash?

Can eco-safe driving save me cash?

If I change my driving style and drive in a more eco-friendly way, will it really save me cash?

The Department for Transport believes that drivers of commercial diesel vehicles like vans could save up to 10% off their fuel bills, or 500 in a year, by driving sensibly. With 2.8 million vans on the road, that works out to 1.4 billion a year.

The Driving Standards Agency claims that eco-safe habits could mean the average driver uses 1.5 litres less fuel for every 62 miles. That's 232 saved every year if you cover 12,000 miles.

Of course, there's another, more important saving to be made by driving responsibly to the environment. For example, the Government thinks that commercial vehicle drivers who drive about 20,000 miles a year could save up to a quarter of a tonne of carbon dioxide emissions each year per driver.

The same thing applies to us by driving in an eco-safe manner, we can not only save ourselves money, but we can reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other harmful pollutants.