Car buyers skimp on finance research

* Many research deals for less than two hours * More than 50% don't discuss with partner * Purchase of sofas gets more research time...

Car buyers skimp on finance research
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Emma Butcher
2 Aug 2011 15:18

People put more effort into researching finance deals on new sofas than for new cars, according to research by BMW.

The survey revealed that 43% do no research, and more than one in five select their finance package in less than two hours.

It also found that 55% of buyers dont consult their partner before making car-finance decisions, in contrast to items such as a kitchen, holiday and sofa.

The survey also revealed that buying on finance is becoming more popular. Four in 10 drivers now see it as a perfectly acceptable way to purchase the car of their dreams.

Joe Pattinson, general manager sales and marketing at BMW Financial Services said: 'Going into a dealership to purchase car finance without doing any research is not a good idea.'