Car buyers unconvinced by EVs

* 88% would prefer hybrid car * Range and battery life top concerns * Second-hand hybrids attractive...

Car buyers unconvinced by EVs

Car buyers have yet to be convinced of the value of pure electric vehicles, preferring hybrids given the choice, a survey suggests.

Manheim Auctions polled 3000 people in August and 88% said they would rather own a hybrid car, with just 12% choosing a purely electric motor.

Electric cars were criticised for their lack of sophistication and most people had concerns about access to charging points, battery life and range.

The survey also revealed that most people would be willing to pay around 6000 for a second-hand hybrid. Based on current auction prices, that would buy a four-year-old Toyota Prius or Honda Civic IMA.

'There is a lot of talk about electric cars at the moment but motorists seem reluctant to make the switch while they perceive that many fundamental questions remain unanswered,' said Craig Mailey, Manheims marketing director.