Car of the Year 2010

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Car of the Year 2010
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What Car? Staff
15 Jan 2010 00:01

The Car of the Year 2010
Peugeot 3008 1.6 THP 150 Sport
List price 18,399
Target price 17,504

If one thing marks out every one of our 42 cars of the year, its clever thinking. Whether its a case of recognising a new niche and exploiting the opportunity, or finding a smart new way to fold down the rear seats, clever thinking makes for a hugely desirable car.

Thats what the Peugeot 3008, our 2010 Car of the Year, is all about. Nissan might argue that its Qashqai ignited the new breed of crossover, but Peugeot has taken the idea and run with it and its running very well.

The 3008 may not be pretty, but it has the rugged looks that will tempt people out of their 4x4s (although punitive running costs are doing a pretty good job of that, too).

If the outside isnt that attractive, the interior is far more appealing: made with high-quality materials and styled in a striking and user-friendly fashion. Its spacious, too, with all the room inside that a modern family should need.

Some of the features you can get on the 3008 are a delight for example, the full-length glass roof, the head-up display and the massive cooled storage bin between the front seats.

Sure, some of these are found only on the top-specification models, or on the options list, but the rest of the car that comes as standard is pretty clever, too. The rear seats fold flat at the pull of a lever in the boot and the false cargo bay floor means you can get a long or a tall load in.

The 3008 is comfortable to drive and be driven in, its keenly priced and affordable to run. It ticks the green box and will be even more environmentally friendly when the hybrid versions turn up in a couple of years.

So 2010 is the year of the 3008 clever thinking and ultra-desirable, its another brilliant Car of the Year.