Charity scrappage scheme goes nationwide

* London-based Giveacar scheme to go countrywide * Each auction donates at least 35 to charity * Several thousand pounds already raised...

Charity scrappage scheme goes nationwide

Giveacar charity scheme is going nationwide, after it secured a partnership with online auctioneer Bluecycle.

How it works
A car owner will contact Giveacar, who will arrange to collect the car free if charge regardless of its condition - and sell it through one of Bluecycles hundreds of online auctions each week. The proceeds of the sale to charity.

The scheme began six months ago in London, and now has 22 charities involved. Giveacar chooses one of these charities to receive the proceeds of each sale, or the donor can choose the charity themselves.

Bluecycle, which specialises in auctioning accident-damaged vehicles, receives a fixed commission on each disposal. However, even if a vehicle needs to be scrapped, its sale will still raise 35 for charity.

Scheme established in the US
Giveacar was founded by Tom Chance, who wanted to replicate a concept that's popular in America: 'Hundreds of thousands of cars are given away each year in the USA, but car donation is virtually unknown in the UK,' he said.

'Giveacar was set up to provide a hassle-free way of directing the value of unwanted or unused vehicles to worthy causes and giving charities access to an untapped source of revenue. With Bluecycle's logistical and sales support, the scheme has the opportunity to grow significantly.'

Paul Williams of Bluecycle said, Giveacar is a simple but effective method of giving to charity and, at the same time, disposing of a vehicle that may be incurring cost to its owner, even if its off the road. Anecdotal evidence suggests there are thousands of unused vehicles across the UK, which could be put to good use.

The scheme has collected over 100 cars so far, generating several thousand pounds for charity.