City cars top the long-term value chart

* Small cars take the lead * Low running costs are crucial * See the top 10 here...

City cars top the long-term value chart

The Peugeot 107 tops the charts when it comes to fighting off depreciation, according to research by used car price guide Glass's Guide.

The 107 retains 60.9% of its original list price after three years, closely followed by its 'twin', the Toyota Aygo, at 60.2%, and the Suzuki Swift on 59.5%.

A cheap purchase price, low road tax and high fuel efficiency have been identified as key to the 107's success in holding its value over three years.

From superminis to supercars
In total, a combination of seven superminis and city cars made the resale values top 10, compared with just five in 2008.

It's not all about being small and frugal, though; the Ferrari F430 made it to sixth place, with 58% of its 135,685 list price still intact a loss of 57,000, which is enough to buy every car in the top five.

Top 10 for residual values:

1) Peugeot 107 - 61%
2) Toyota Aygo 60.2%
3) Suzuki Swift 59.5%
4) Citroen C1 59.2%
5) Mini 58.9%
6) Ferrari F430 - 58%
7) Volkswagen Fox - 57.8%
8) Honda Jazz - 57%
9) Volkswagen Eos - 56.3%
10) Ford S-MAX - 56.1%