Comfortable exec

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Comfortable exec

Name Phil Warner
Age 52
Drives Mercedes-Benz C-Class
Budget 18,500
Wants 'A comfortable car in the compact executive, executive or luxury car class.

Comfort is more important than a sporty drive, but I don't want a boat!'

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Alfa Romeo 159 1.8 MPI Turismo
Price 18,500
Target Price 17,452

It's better to look at than to drive, but the 159 is a decent car nonetheless especially given its bargain-basement price. Comfort is a strong point, and the engine copes well enough. 

BMW 520d SE, '08/08
Price 18,400

Still one of the very best full-size executive cars. Phil's budget won't get him a new one, but we found plenty of one-year-old cars around for less than 18,500. Ride quality is okay if you choose SE trim. 

Jaguar XJ 2.7 TDVi Executive, '06/06
Price 18,000

For a little more luxury, Phil could snap up a three-year-old XJ. It'd cost him more to run than the BMW or Alfa, but it's a small price to pay for the Jag's supremely comfortable cabin and creamy engine.